Virginia Graeme Baker Pool
and Spa Safety Act







Sample Notice to Customer Letter

Field Check List and Compliance Flow Chart

Final Statement Of  US Product Safety Commissioner
Anne M. Northup on Implementation of  VGB 3/3/10

Statement of the Honorable Thomas H. Moore of the US Product Safety
Commission on a Proposed Rule on Unblockable Drain Covers 3/2/10 

Separate Statement From US Product Safety
Commissioner Robert Adler on VGB 3/1/10

US Product Safety Commission Chairman
Inez M. Tenenbaum's Statement on VGB 3/1/10

NBC News/Today Show : Banned Drain Covers Still Used In Public Pools 7/6/09

Latest LA County Policy 7/1/09

Los Angeles County Advisory concerning the VGB, February 9, 2009

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

Consumer Product Safety Commission Web page for VGB

Consumer Product Safety Commission Interpretation

VGB webcast by Hayward & Aquatics International

Consumer Product Safety Commission guideline 1 page poster for complying with VGB

Consumer Product Safety Commission frequently asked questions about VGB

ASME/ANSI Approved Drain Covers

ASME/ANSI/ASTM Approved Safety Vacuum Release Systems

 California Department of Public Health Information Letter

Today Show video on VGB, December 16, 2008

Pool Safety