SFV Metro Standing Rules








Full Chapter members must have a current Business License, a minimum of a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) license, and a L.A. County Health Department License.


FULL MEMBERS: $92.77 per month.

EMPLOYEE MEMBERS: $76.77 per month



Prospective new members must attend three consecutive meetings before there is a General Meeting vote to accept them as full members.

Prospective new members may attend Chapter Board meetings, picnics, and December Dinner-Meeting to count toward their three consecutive meeting requirement. Each board meeting or chapter event will count as one meeting towards their three meeting requirement.

At discretion of the board each prospective member will be reviewed by the board before presentation to the general membership.

NEW MEMBERS: must pay a $150.00 non refundable application fee (payable to SFV Metro Chapter IPSSA) before their meeting attendance is counted toward the three consecutive meeting attendance requirement. Upon being voted in as a new member, and before they shall be considered a member, they shall pay two months dues + $15.00 full member package fee for a total of $200.54 (payable to IPSSA Management Inc.) to the Treasurer or Attendance Chairmen. Prospective members must have at least one year of verifiable pool service or be an employee member. Prospective members must have a Business License, a minimum of a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) license, and a L.A. County Health Department License to become a full member. In any case they must obtain the L.A. County Health License within one year of becoming a member. They must also pass the IPSSA Water Chemistry Test before becoming a full member. New full members will receive upon payment of their $150 application fee a new member packet that will contain: Water Chemistry Certification book, the Chapter Standing Rules, and the Sick Route Policies and Procedures.

NEW EMPLOYEE MEMBERS: must pay a non refundable $25.00 application fee payable to (SFV Metro Chapter) and two months dues $154.53. Monthly dues will be $76.77 per month (billed to the employer).

AUTOMATIC DEDUCTION: Our Chapter is enrolled in an automatic deduction plan for member's dues for those who wish to participate.

DELINQUENCY: Members who do not pay their dues by the 20th of the month will be sent a notice. If payment is not received by the end of the month the member will be dropped from the Chapter.

REINSTATEMENT: Members will be allowed one reinstatement in the Chapter each 12 month period for the non-payment of dues. If the offence occurs again within a 12 month period, the member will have to rejoin the Chapter as a new prospective member would.

The fine for reinstatement for the first offence in a 12 month period will be $75.00.

Once a member has been dropped for non-payment of dues they must pay by automatic withdrawal from a bank account.



Our Chapter has ten meetings a year. Two are "dark" - no meetings are held during January or July. Full members must attend eight Chapter meetings per year to avoid missed meetings fines. Employee members must attend one Chapter meeting per quarter, (a total of four a year).


Full members are fined $20.00 per meeting for the first six meetings missed, and $100.00 per meeting for missing the seventh or eighth meetings. Example: 3 missed = $60.00, 7 missed = $220.00, 8 missed = $320.00. Employee members are fined $25.00 per missed meeting. Note: the employer pays the fine.


Excuses for religious or school reasons are not accepted. Missed meetings may be excused only on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the attendance chairman and/or by the board.


If a Chapter member's home is Metro their attendance should stand as is, but if they are a dual member from another Chapter they should attend our meetings once a quarter.




For the purposes of IPSSA an “employee” will be considered anyone who services, cleans, repairs, or maintains a pool of which an IPSSA full member is in direct control. The “employee” may be considered a sub-contractor, lessee, helper, casual laborer, non-compensated individual or employee. The only exception to this rule will be the full member's spouse or full member's minor children. The term “employee” in this document is to have no effect on any Internal Revenue Service guidelines and should not be used to support or deny any Internal Revenue Service Inquiries.

Any full member not disclosing his/her employees will be subject to suspension or expulsion from the Chapter.


All Employees will pay a $25.00 processing fee to SFV Metro IPSSA and $128.00 to IPSSA Management Inc.



Employee members must have an Apprentice license or pass the IPSSA chemistry test. The employee member will be given a six month grace period to obtain an Apprentice license or pass the IPSSA chemistry test while receiving immediate coverage.

A monthly fine of $25.00 for an maximum of an additional six months following this initial grace period will be charged for employees members who have not complied. After a second six month period has expired, the Chapter will review the case and decide what further actions to take.

All new prospective employee members will come to their first meeting to complete the necessary paperwork and be interviewed by the Board.

The employee member must have a current Apprentice License if they are servicing a commercial pool.

The employee member can attend Chapter activities if they pay their own costs.

The employee member has no voting rights.

The employee member will have no sick route coverage.

The employee member will not be assigned a sick route pool.

The employee member will not participate in the Benevolent Fund.

A full member working for another full member is not considered an employee and is entitled to all full member rights and privileges.

A member who is leasing pools from another member is exempt from employee status.

Any full member can have a maximum of five employees.


The Chapter will reimburse members for any fees for classes or seminars used in obtaining pool related certifications, and for attendance at the Western Pool and Spa Show.


Any reimbursement for classes or seminars must be cleared with the Treasurer before attendance at said events because reimbursement will depend upon how much money is in the treasury. There may be a limit placed upon how many members are given reimbursement.



Any fines charged to members, other than those for missed meetings, over the amount of $100 will be subject to a vote of approval by the general membership.



These Standing Rules are in addition to the rules in the SFV Metro Sick Route Policies and Procedures.

The Sick Route Chairman will be compensated for his/her Chapter dues while any member is out sick.

The Sick Route Inspector does no sick pools and his dues will be covered by the Chapter while members are out.

The Sick Inspector and Sick Chair get points while members are out sick, one point per week per member out.



A pregnant member will be given ninety (90) days of Sick Route Coverage to be used at any time before or after the birth of the child.



Chapter sponsors may be an individual or company. Competing industry professionals will be allowed as sponsors at the discretion of the board. The President will handle collection of gifts and fees.

Multi-level marketing offers are excluded from chapter meetings but fliers may be included in the newsletter for $75.00 per month for one full page.



The Chapter will pay designated members basic expenses to attend the BOARD meetings not to exceed $300.



Participation in the IPSSA Benevolent Fund is mandatory for all Full members.



Participants will pay in advance with a check that will be returned after the event as long as the member shows. If the participant is a "no show" the check will be deposited into the Chapter’s checking account.