San Fernando Valley Metro Sick
Route Policy and Procedures






IPSSA Inc., with over 3300 members, is the largest pool service organization in the country and is dedicated to helping the service technician when he or she becomes sick or injured. For a few dollars worth of chemicals, plus a small amount of time, you have the most inexpensive income protection plan found anywhere.

Sick Route Cards

Sick Route cards (IPSSA form SRl-yellow) will be maintained by and are the responsibility of each regular member. These cards inform other IPSSA members of the particulars of individual accounts that need servicing under this Sick Route Plan. Sick Route cards determine the type of service for the pool. The cards must be filled out completely including Thomas Guide page# and section.


All members must have a coverage card (SR2) in to the Sick Route Chairman within 30 days of membership in IPSSA. It is up to each member to have his/her route cards (SRI) updated because the Sick Route Plan will cover only those pools documented. NO CARDS, NO COVERAGE!



The Boundaries covered by the SFV Metro IPSSA Chapter are as follows:

North - Sesnon Blvd East - Golden State Freeway / Laurel Canyon
South - Mulholland Dr. West - Parkway Calabasas


Any pools located outside of these boundaries are not applicable for sick route coverage by this chapter.


General Information Regarding Pool Assignments

            The Sick Route Plan is compulsory for all regular members whose pools are within the sick route boundaries. Any member who 1) refuses to service pools for a sick member or 2) has a complaint filed against him due to neglect on his/her part will be subject to a grievance committee hearing, of which the results could bring about a fine of $100.00 minimum per pool, suspension, or expulsion from IPSSA. Location of the pool route, not the member's residence, is the determining factor for coverage by the Sick Route Plan.

               Our sick plan works on a points system to determine if a member will be assigned a sick pool. Pools are assigned first to those that have accumulated the least amount of points until all pools have been assigned. Should a second member require sick route coverage a second pool will be assigned again beginning with those that have the fewest points, but only after all members have been assigned a pool. If one sick member returns to work and another goes out those that have the fewest points will be assigned multiple pools first. At no time will some members be doing multiple pools and others doing none. There are cases in which the point system may not be used. In some cases, areas may be used to assign pools, and or a member may volunteer to service a pool. A current telephone number with a working answering machine must be kept on file with the IPSSA office. You must notify the Sick Route Chairman whenever you are leaving on vacation, or will otherwise be unavailable for sick pool assignment.

Qualifications for Coverage and Exclusions

  •       You must be current with dues, a “member in good standing”, and have your sick route on file with the Sick Route Chairman.

  •       New members will not be covered for pre-existing conditions or elective surgery for the first year in IPSSA but will be covered for any accident/injury or hospitalization during this time.

  •      In order to qualify a member for sick route coverage the Sick Route Chairman or President must have in his/her possession within five working days, a notification from the attending physician (a licensed M.D.) stating the general nature of the illness/injury and approximate length of time needed for recovery. Subsequent written notifications will be required every 90 days, or when said written notifications will have expired, or whichever comes first.

  •       A qualifying member will have coverage for up to one year with a review at a minimum of every three months and with a chapter vote after six months of coverage.  Time may be extended by a majority vote of the chapter members at a general meeting or at the discretion of the chapter’s Executive Board. This extension will be based upon the seriousness of the sickness or injury.
  •      Normal pregnancy will be covered for a period of 90 days. The member will have the choice of when the continuous coverage will begin.

  •       A member will not be covered for any condition related directly or indirectly to the use or abuse of drugs or alcohol unless the member is enrolled in a substance abuse program. The sick member is required to provide proof of continued attendance and participation in said program to receive sick route coverage.

  •       The limit on the number of pools covered will be 75. Any additional pools to be covered will be on a voluntary basis.

  •      (3-5-02) Out of area pools will be covered on a voluntary basis and the person doing the pool will be given points. IPSSA will have nothing to do with the pool except for awarding of such points.

Duties and Obligations of Servicing Members

  •       When you receive a message on your answering machine pertaining to a sick pool assignment you must return the call within 24 hours during the week, or by Monday evening if the call is received on a weekend. A member failing to respond to the Sick Route Chairman within two business days will be fined $75.00 and subject to suspension. All pools will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis, calling back immediately will greatly increase the odds of receiving a pool within your area.

  •      You may not refuse a sick pool assignment regardless of the location of the sick pool in relationship to your own pools. The Sick Route Chairman will work with you to reassign a pool to you within your area if at all possible. If not you are still responsible for the assigned pool as long as it is located within the stated boundaries.

  •     Introduce yourself to the sick member’s customer on the first day of service if at all possible. Give the customer the day's) you will be there and the approximate time if you know. Explain the reason you are there and be courteous and helpful. Answer any questions the customer may pose. If the customer is not there leave a door hanger and include the previous information. Leave a door hanger on each subsequent call and indicate the work that was performed at the pool.

  •      If upon the first visit to the sick pool, you find the pool does not appear to have been properly maintained by the sick member, go ahead and service the pool. Contact the Sick Route Chairman that day in order to establish your obligations regarding the sick pool. Also you may keep a log on the pool for the duration of the sick route coverage. Only sick pools that have with reported problems after the first visit will be eligible for reimbursement of extra chemical costs.

  •      Chlorine usage per week is should not exceed 2 gallons per week. On all pools (Commercial or residential) maintain a proper chemical balance and chlorine residual. If that requires the use of more than 2 gallons a week you must contact the sick route chairman and the sick member to discuss reimbursement.

  •      You are not permitted to charge a sick member’s customer for any product or service without first obtaining permission from the sick member and the sick route chairman.

  •       It is absolutely forbidden to solicit or accept an account you are doing for a sick member, even if the customer approaches you to take over the service the pool. Explain to the customer that it would be unethical for you to do so. Should this rule be violated the said member is subject to expulsion from IPSSA at the discretion of the Chapter’s Executive Board

  •       The servicing member’s obligation under this plan will cover the following: a) keeping the chemicals balanced (b) net, brush, vacuum, and clean the waterline tiles (c) clean and or backwash the filter, replace the required D.E. as needed.

  •       Treat the pool as if it were your own.

  •       No pool will be covered more than twice a week unless other arrangements are made.

  •       The servicing member must service the pool the first week assigned regardless of the weather.

  •       If the customer of the sick pool assigned to you informs you that the house has been sold and service is no longer needed, contact the Sick Route Chairman and the sick member to inform and confirm.

Duties and Obligations of Servicing Members (cont'd) 

  •       You are required to continue to service the assigned pool's) until you receive notification by the Sick Route Chairman.

  •       When servicing a sick member’s pool, do not bring pets, children, friends, etc. with you to the property.  Proper attire is mandatory, shirt, pants, shoes, etc.

  •       Pools assigned to a member are to be done by the member, not his/her employee's).

  •       Once a member has accepted a pool assignment the chapter assumes that it is being serviced in a regular and professional manner. If this is not the case, for any reason, the member must advise the Sick Route Chairman.

  •       The sick route plan is compulsory for all full members whose pools are within the sick route boundaries. Any member who refuses to service pools for a sick member or has a complaint filed against him/her will be subject to a grievance committee hearing of the chapter’s Executive Board, of which the results could bring about a fine, suspension, or expulsion from IPSSA.


Duties and Obligations of the Sick or Injured Member

  •       You must submit completed legible route information cards to the Sick Route Chairman. It is advisable to keep cards filled out and updated on an on-going basis so as to be available in an emergency situation.
  •       After two weeks, if your condition permits, you must be available to attend general chapter and board meetings. If requested you may need to apprise the chapter board of officers as to the progress of your treatment.
  •       You may accept new business while you are receiving sick route coverage under the following conditions: You cannot personally visit the pool in order to bid it or service it. You may however designate someone else to do those things for you, i.e. employees, family or friends. IPSSA will not service any new accounts under the sick route plan.
  •      If a customer calls with a complaint regarding the service they are receiving, contact the Sick Route Chairman to inspect the pool and do what is necessary to correct the problem. You may not do repairs yourself.
  •       The sick member must not perform any pools repairs or participate in any activities that could be reasonably be interpreted by the average member of the association as indicating that the sick member is well enough to resume servicing his/her own pools. Contact the Sick Route Chairman before doing anything that may lead to such misinterpretation.
  •       If you are having elective surgery or know in advance of your need for sick route coverage contact the Sick Route Chairman and or President as soon as possible in order to coordinate schedules and assignment of pools. In advance of such coverage it is the sick members responsibility to have all filters cleaned, conditioner levels up, and pools in a general good state of condition and repair. Knowledge of a problem with a pool or equipment should be shared with the Sick Route Chairman promptly
  •       It is recommended that the sick member convalescing be at home and available the first week after the route is assigned in order to accept calls or questions from servicing members who are having problems during their first call. It is required that all members out sick return phone calls about problems within 24 hours. Health and circumstances permitting.

Duties and Obligations of the Sick or Injured Member (cont'd)

  •      It is the sick members responsibility to make every effort to return to work as soon as possible. The sick member must be available to return calls during his/her recovery and the sick member will not be allowed to go on vacation or leave the area during coverage.
  •      Any sick member not complying with all duties and responsibilities will be called before the chapter’s Executive Board of which the results could bring about a fine, suspension of coverage, or expulsion from IPSSA.
  • (4-2-02) All members who are out must have contact with the sick chair at least once a week.
  •   (4-2-02) Depending on the discretion of the Board and the type of injury a member may come back to work on a light duty basis, providing the doctor approves, not to exceed two months. The member chooses which pools they will do, but the OK is at the discretion of the Board.

Reimbursement of Expenses

  •       Servicing member may (but is not obligated to) charge the sick member at the wholesale cost of chemicals used depending upon Chapter Policies.

  •      The servicing member must keep written records of the quantity and type of chemicals used for the purpose of reimbursement.

  •       The sick member must pay servicing member by check within 30 days of receipt of bill.



  1. In case of equipment breakdown, the sick member and the Sick Route Chairman will be notified. The sick member must AUTHORIZE any repairs before they are done.

  2. If an assigned pool has an equipment failure or other problem, which impedes the ability to service the sick pool up to industry standards the Sick Route Chairman or Sick Route Inspector, will inspect the pool. A 15 day notice to comply will then be sent to the sick member stating as follows: “If the pool is not repaired or cannot be repaired within the 15 day period the pool will be deemed ineligible for sick coverage and the coverage member will be relieved of his responsibility. Please notify your customer of these problems and coordinate with the Sick Route Chairman. If you wish the coverage member to be relieved voluntarily please notify the Sick Route Chairman”.


Death Benefit Plan

  •         In the event of a member's death, the chapter will cover the deceased member's route for a period of three months.

  •         At the request of the surviving spouse, a chapter board member can be appointed to assist the surviving spouse with matters pertaining to the deceased member's business.




Death Benefit Plan (cont'd)

  •          Arrangement will be made if so desired by the surviving spouse to have the member's pools covered for not more than 12 months at which time the account will then be considered paid in full and transferred to the service member's business.

  •          Pools serviced will be based upon the sick route cards filed with the Sick Route Chairman at the time coverage is requested.

  •          IPSSA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SALE OR TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF ANY ACCOUNTS OF THE SURVIVING SPOUSE. An agreement should be written up with the surviving spouse pertaining to the transfer of accounts at the close of the agreed upon period not to exceed 12 months.

  •          Death in a member’s immediate family will be covered as soon as possible for a period of one week. This can be extended at the discretion of the Chapter's Executive Board.




IPSSA is not liable or responsible for the quality of the servicing member's work, customer complaints, loss of accounts or any related matter other than to hear the matter before a grievance committee which would result in the servicing member being suspended or expelled from IPSSA.

Chapter Board reserves the right to revise or adapt these policies to deal with unique situations.

If you have any questions concerning the preceding information or any Chapter policy, please contact the appropriate Chapter officer or Chairman.