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Current Board Members

President - Eric Nielson-

Vice President - Open for office

Secretary & Newsletter - Bill Jackson-

Treasurer & Sick route Inspector - Mike Sidoti-

Sick Route Chairman - Farshid Enteghami -

Attendance & Membership Chairman - Saul Krochmal- Chewy

Social Chairman - Jeff Steinbach -

Webmaster - Dave Lopez -



2016 Chapter Fishing Trip

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2015 Chapter Fishing Trip

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Chapter Fishing Trip 2014


Pentair/IPSSA ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On 9/18/14 Art Grimmitt from Pentair organized the Pentair/IPSSA ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Pictured below are Art Grimmitt and his skeleton, members from the SFV Metro Chapter, a few guys from the San Fernando Valley Chapter, Peter Haverlation from IPSSA, Alex Vasquez from SCP, Jill DiGiovanni from Pool Corp., the Pool Corp. Duck and Stan Basowski from the Western Pool & Spa Show, as well as a large group of guys and gals from SCP and Superior Pool Products. We all took the big plunge in a large scale ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Pentair made donations to ALS research on each person’s behalf. It was an ICY experience for a great cause. Big thanks go out to Art Grimmitt for putting together this terrific event!

Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Chapter Fishing Trip 2013

Youtube Video - click below

Are we going to get em?

Chapter Holiday Dinner Meeting 2013

Saul, Brad, Mike & Bill getting into the Christmas spirit!


Chapter Fishing Trip 2012

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Fishing with the SFV METRO crew

Playing With Squid

2011 Chapter Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip #1 2010



Fishing Trip #2 2010

SFV Metro & Calabasas Chapters Combined For The 2009 Family Picnic

Fishing Trip 2009


Chapter Family Picnic 2008

Fishing Trip 2008


Holiday Dinner Meeting 2007


 Chapter Family Picnic 2007

Fishing trip 2007

No fish, but we still had a good time!




Holiday Dinner Meeting 2006

Chapter Family Picnic 2006


Dodger Game 2006

Fishing trip 2006


Fishing Trip 2005

Fishing Trip 2004



Fishing Trip 2003

Fishing Trip 2002