Meeting called to order by Eric Nielson at 7:35 PM .

Board Members Committee Members
Eric Nielson, President Farshid Enteghami, Sick Route, Absent
Eric Stanton, Vice President Mike Sidoti, Sick Route Inspector
Bill Jackson, Secretary Antonio Padilla Cortez, Attendance & Membership
Mike Sidoti, Treasurer Jeff Steinbach, Social Activities
  None Appointed, Sergeant at Arms
  Dave Lopez, Web Master


Bob Ellis, Environmental Solar; Ernie Penado, Thornberg Ent.; Joe Colletto, JC Solar; Art Grimmitt, Pentair; Bruce Lawson, Jason Bustios, Hayward; Ed Rock, San Rock Plastering; Jose Valdovinos, Easy Care.
Sponsors give short talk.
GUESTS: Andrew Silverstein, Silver Star Financial.
SPEAKER: Andrew Silverstein gives an informative talk on the importance of thinking of our financial future.
Eric Nielson, President: (1) IPSSA is recognized nationally as a promotor of water safety. (2) The chem. class last meeting was great, if any of you missed it please get in touch with me as the Van Nuys Chapter will be doing the same class and I will arrange it for you to go. (3) We are sponsoring a foursome for the golf tournament the 3rd week in October and are looking for players. (4) Our chapter elections are coming up in November and we are looking for nominees. (5) This weekend is the BORD meeting in Riverside. We will be reviewing the financial office, if anyone has had any problems with them please let me know. Also several of the chapters want to do away with the membership requirement for the County Health License and we will discuss it.
Old Business: (1)
Vice President:
MIKE SIDOTI, Treasurer: Reads report (attached).
BILL JACKSON, Secretary: The minutes were accepted as published online. Offers members Insurance Beneficiary, CPSA membership. We will have a list for next meeting so you can check and see if you have a beneficiary on file.
JEFF STEINBACH, Social Activities: Aug 5 & 6 is the Fishing trip, $200 to full members minus $75chapter rebate. Chapter supporters are also welcome.
Saul Krochmal, Attendance: None.
DAVE LOPEZ, Web Master, and Education Chair: None.
FARSHID ENTEGHAMI, Sick Pool Chair: Dave Lopez is still out. Continue doing his pools until I get in touch with you. Dave lets up know that he is close to coming back, will see his doctor in 2 weeks.

ADJOURN at 8:43 PM.
Bill Jackson, Secretary
The $75 Chapter Door Prize was won by Jim Bracken.






Minutes From Last Meeting