Meeting called to order by Eric Nielson at 7:35 PM .

Board Members Committee Members
Eric Nielson, President Farshid Enteghami, Sick Route, Absent
Open for office Mike Sidoti, Sick Route Inspector
Bill Jackson, Secretary Antonio Padilla Cortez, Attendance & Membership
Mike Sidoti, Treasurer Jeff Steinbach, Social Activities
  None Appointed, Sergeant at Arms
  Dave Lopez, Web Master


Bruce Wayne Lawson, JC Solar; Art Grimmitt, Pentair.
Sponsors give short talk.
GUESTS: Matthew Salem, Total Pool Systems; Terry Snow, Region 3 IPSSA Rep.
SPEAKER: Art Grimmitt of Pentair shows the new Totally Enclosed Motor, which will become standard on single speed pumps, and introduces us to the new Intelliconnect system which will replace a standard timeclock and be programmable via an app for variable speeds at a low price.
Eric Nielson, President: (1) The May 16 Chemistry Workshop in this room went well with about 50 attendees. (2) Passed out “POOL Chemistry for Service Pros” book. We discussed some topics in the book. (3) Art Grimmitt states that he will donate either a cartridge or DE filter for both the Picnic and the Holiday Dinner Meeting. (4) Terry Snow talks of the importance of CPSA in fighting detrimental proposed new laws in Sacramento.
Old Business: None.
Vice President:
MIKE SIDOTI, Treasurer: Absent.
BILL JACKSON, Secretary: The minutes were accepted as published online. Offers members Insurance Beneficiary, CPSA membership forms.
JEFF STEINBACH, Social Activities: (1) Fishing trip is coming up August 4, Holiday Dinner Meeting will be at Westlake Inn on 12/4.
Saul Krochmal, Attendance: We have 2 prospective members attending tonight. Keep in mind we will be having our yearly picnic after school resumes.
DAVE LOPEZ, Web Master, and Education Chair: Absent.
FARSHID ENTEGHAMI, Sick Pool Chair: No one is out.

ADJOURN at 8:35 PM.
Bill Jackson, Secretary
The $75 Chapter Door Prize was won by Keith Palcovic.






Minutes From Last Meeting