Meeting called to order by Eric Nielson at 7:35 PM .

Board Members Committee Members
Eric Nielson, President Farshid Enteghami, Sick Route, Absent
Eric Stanton, Vice President Mike Sidoti, Sick Route Inspector
Bill Jackson, Secretary Antonio Padilla Cortez, Attendance & Membership
Mike Sidoti, Treasurer Jeff Steinbach, Social Activities
  None Appointed, Sergeant at Arms
  Dave Lopez, Web Master

SPONSORS PRESENT: Ed Rock, San Rock Plastering; Daniel Jazo, Hayward; Bob Ellis, Environmental Solar; Ernie Penado, Thornburg.

Sponsors give short talk.
GUESTS: Joe Colleto, JC Solar.
SPEAKER: Ernie Penado discusses Orinda Products.
Eric Nielson, President: (1) The chapter will purchase 20 or so tickets for the Dodgers game on June 23, $50 each to members. This will be is a fireworks night and many members of other chapters are expected to be in attendance. Get in touch with me if you would like to go. (2) Western Pool and Spa Show (WPSS) was great. We will reimburse up to $75 if you produce your badge. The APSB decided not to produce strict water standards after meeting with pool pros at WPSS. Look for heavy energy standards coming next year, including not being able to purchase standard motors. (3) We will be discussing changes made to the IPSSA Pool Chem. Books in the future. (4) Don Burns, founder of what is now CPSA has passed, Eric will attend the funeral.
Old Business: (1). Sick route cards must be shown tonight for a missed meeting to be removed. There is a grace period until the May meeting to show the cards. After that there will be fines. (2) Dave Lopez thanks members for covering his pools and saving his business.
Vice President:
MIKE SIDOTI, Treasurer: Reads report (attached). Mentions that he has trouble brewing over draining a pool in the street. Slowly drain them in a cleanout or call Ray Leduc for a reverse Osmosis purification.
BILL JACKSON, Secretary: The minutes were accepted as printed online. Offers members Insurance Beneficiary, CPSA membership.
JEFF STEINBACH, Social Activities: Dodger game is coming up June 23. Aug 5 & 6 is the Fishing trip, $200 to full members minus $75chapter rebate. Chapter supporters are also welcome.
Saul Krochmal, Attendance: if you or an employee are not in the sign-in book see me after the meeting. One prospective member who needs his Health License. Eric suggests he pass the IPSSA Water Chem. Test first as it is very similar.
DAVE LOPEZ, Web Master, and Education Chair: (See old business above).
FARSHID ENTEGHAMI, Sick Pool Chair: Kamran Nikzad: Speaks for Farshid. (1) Next meeting is the deadline to show your filled out “sick cards” with duplicates and numbered, not showing them will lead to a fine. (2) Have your sick cards filled out. No Cards=No Coverage, make sure someone else knows where you keep them. Call the Billing Office to report a change in your phone number. If you need new “sick” cards call me and I will leave them at SPPI. 2 members are out: Dave Lopez, and Bill Perry. Continue to do the pools until I call you. There have been some problems with sick customers saying the assigned member did not show, so leave a door hanger when you go. Take a picture of the pool if there are problems.

ADJOURN at 8:50 PM.
Bill Jackson, Secretary
Mark Labossiere wins the $75 Chapter Door Prize.





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